Casual, Rustic, and Elegant

Yep, that title is so full of contradictions it almost didn’t make sense. But once you browse through the album, you’ll totally understand what I meant. Because one amazing thing about this wedding is that even though our bride only had a casual and rustic event in mind, they achieved these goals plus an elegant style too. It’s probably because all the details, decors, colors, ensembles, and the location came together so well that they ended up with such an awesome looking day. Congratulations Katie & Clark!


Love Story – Bridal Shoot

Isn’t this bride such a beaut. Her surroundings and backdrop are ethereal and picturesque but she really is the subject of these photos. With her beautiful gown, brooch bouquet, and charming self, it’s no brainer why we’re a fan of this bridal shoot. Anyway, did you know that behind these pictures lie an amazing proposal story? Lauren and David probably has one of the most awesome proposal stories to ever tell. After auditioning back-to-back in X-Factor, David entered the stage during Lauren’s turn and stopped the show by getting on one knee (video’s in the post!). What an amazing moment and for the whole country and world to be a part of. Congratulations David & Lauren!

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Glass Pavilion Bridal Shower

The origin of the custom of bridal showers is probably one of the most selfless thing I’ve ever read about friendship. This tradition is said to have started due to the dowry practices imminent before. For when a bride-to-be is poor and her family does not have enough money for a dowry or when a father refused to give a dowry because he did not approve of the marriage – that’s when the friends would swoop down and save the day coming with gifts that will allow the marriage to happen. Right now, bridal showers simply celebrates your relationships with your entourage with a simple meal (compared to bachelorette parties which means a whole night of partying). But given that opportunity I love how our bride, Katie, made sure that the girls in her life are treated specially with this amazing museum bridal shower in pink. The centerpieces, the table setting, and the favors are all so delectable and pretty that it might even be perfect for a wedding too.


Love Letters & a Wedding

I’ve seen many first look photos, all of which emits an amazing reaction from both parties. Usually, both are rendered speechless and all they could do is just hug and kiss each other. It truly is a very special moment but when emotions get overwhelming and words fail, express your love by having a love letter in hand. The intimacy and feelings brought upon by the first look added by the love expressed from the letters – it will truly be a moment that you and your beau will never ever forget. That’s what our couple, Michelle & Matthew did. I’m sure their wedding was elegant and amazing – the pictures speak for themselves – but I believe that one thing that really stuck in their minds about that day is the moment when they stood back to back against each other while reading their letters. You don’t need to know what’s written in them to say that this couple’s love will reach great heights. Congratulations Michelle & Matthew!

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