Unique and Inspiring Wedding Centerpieces

The other day, my friend (who is planning her wedding for August), was talking to me about how tired she is of seeing the same old wedding stuff.

“What exactly do you mean?” I asked, because I never get tired of seeing wedding stuff. “Everyone has the same types of centerpieces, the same decor…I want everything in my wedding to be totally unique,” she said.

I can understand her point. Many ideas are overdone and this can be frustrating for a bride who really wants her wedding to stand out. This prompted an hours-long search for unique wedding elements. Some of my favorites were the centerpieces, and I wanted to share them with you!


A Colorful Grand Affair

Won’t you look at this colorful and awesome wedding. The blue, greens, and pinks totally went well with each other and they created this lively palette that I’m sure many brides-to-be are considering. And aside from this palette, the details were whimsical as well. The cake had a funny topper, it was surrounded with cupcakes in the colors of their palette. They had a sweets stations (ahhhh) and lots more! Congratulations on your wedding, Morgan & Patrick!


5 Amazing Vintage Engagement Rings

If vintage wedding rings are your thing, then this post will not disappoint you. We at Elegant Wedding appreciate the majestic beauty that vintage wedding rings are known for – the quality craftsmanship, the top-notch materials and the striking styles. Check out these X amazing vintage engagement rings we’ve selected as our favorites:


Pure Timeless Elegance

Right from the start, the pictures already showed that this wedding is the embodiment of timeless elegance. Our bride wore a very feminine wedding gown that was just perfect with all its details. Her entourage wore beautiful lilac dresses which she complemented with bouquets that had a little bit of pop. The church where they had the ceremony looked so regal that you’d think our couple were royalties. The ballroom where they had the reception was equally glam as well with the elegant details of the table arrangements and ambiance. Congratulations on your wedding day, Megan & Ante!

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