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What Happens When You Bump into Another Wedding Entourage?

What are the odds of you and your entourage bumping into another group of wedding folks? Probably pretty slim. So when the opportunity arrives, it’s either you become civil and exchange well wishes or do something fun about it. We are lucky that our featured couple today did the latter! Upon chancing another bride and groom, they all decided to recreate the West Side Story – Sharks & Jets rivalry photo. It was all fun and laughs though!


Rustic Elegance

ShareTweetSharePinLinked InStumbleUpon Rustic elegance indeed. This wedding was elegantly styled but we did not miss out on some lovely rustic touches like their cute ring bearers’ outfit and the reception cake’s design. Our bride emphasized on the event being clean as to not divert anyone’s attention from the true focus of the day. Sometimes, we can […]

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