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Jeweled and Rustic Outdoor Wedding

I love the mixture of elegant and rustic pieces in this wedding. The outfits of the entourage and our couple looked so regal, I specially loved the jeweled tone blue of the bridesmaids’ dresses and the simple white bouquets the ladies carried. Then it was complemented by rustic details and decors that ranged from old suitcases, chalkboards, and even wooden signposts placed on hay. It truly was a beautiful day. Congratulations Erica & Barrett!


Gorgeous and Elegant Wedding Stripes

While your wedding palette colors are certainly important, this spring (and well into the rest of the year), patterns and textures are also going to play a very important role in wedding décor. We personally love the bold elegance of stripes and have gathered some of our favorite examples below…


A Dream Wedding

This wedding is every little girl’s dream. Filled with pinks and whites, adorable details and decors, and a bar for candies – who could ask for something better? But really, there’s a lot of things that made me fall in love with this album and it’ll take me paragraphs to enumerate them all. Let’s just put it this way, this wedding is sweet, cute, and everything nice. Congratulations on your amazing wedding, Nicole & Matt


The Old School Bride

Our bride, who chose to wear a vintage ensemble for her wedding day, looked so amazing! Yes, what she’s wearing might be a bit unconventional in our eyes but it was beautiful in all it’s antiquities nevertheless – from the veil, the color, and the sleeves. Also, the warmth of the red color palette was perfect for this winter event. It truly looked like a day for celebration. Congratulations are in order for the beautiful couple Michelle & Spencer!

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