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A Vintage and Rustic Plantation Wedding

Vintage details in a rustic countryside setting. Color me interested. Teresa and Wes sure had a lovely wedding. I would even say magical because of the woods and the fairylights that adorned their ceremony and photo shoots. Then there’s their color scheme which I am now a fan of. I’m so used to coral being partnered light teal or sky that it’s combination with navy blue is a new thing for my eyes and I must say, I like it! It’s unconventional so it can be a bit tricky to pull off but this wedding goes to show how to actually get it done. Anyway, congratulations Teresa and Wes!


Chic Wedding in a Refurbished Train Station

It’s an understatement to say that I’m in love with this wedding. There’s just so many things to swoon over! I love the bride’s lacy gown. It was very intricate on the top part but it flared out to a simple skirt part. The pink taupe bridesmaid’s dresses was lovely as well. Although it had different styles, they all looked liked something Greek goddesses would wear. The decorative details were pretty too – the invitations, the table assignment board, the table settings, etc. And if you needed one more reason to seal the deal on loving this wedding, they held this very special day in an old but refurbished train station. Talk about unique. Congratulations Lauren and David!


Stunning Winter Wedding Ideas that will Floor Brides-to-Be

Winter weddings can be absolutely stunning. There are so many different ideas that it can be difficult to choose exactly how the big day will play out. Here are a few more ideas that are absolutely stunning for